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just been

2010-10-15 17:56:24 by sertyawesome

just been scouted now u can check out my art at the portal


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2010-10-16 02:16:41


sertyawesome responds:

thank u for recamminding with out u my art wouldent be on so thank u...


2010-10-16 12:10:11

Hi art thief.

Not only have all your art portal submissions have been removed, due to the multiple confirmed reports on your work,
you are now part of the Art Portal mods' blacklist, where you are constantly under their watchful eye.

Any further stolen artworks will count as abuse, and will likely lead to the deletion of your account.

Have a shitty day,

sertyawesome responds:

thanks maybe u should get alife then too


2010-10-16 12:25:15

Btw say hi to all the alts you have.

sertyawesome responds:

wtf is an alts


2011-01-13 11:52:57

Bitch dont tell people to sub you just coz you have loads of people..